Hopelessly undevoted to you

I know, I know. I’m hopeless at blogging. Ironically I have been doing some posting, just not that much here. But don’t be sad- you’re always be my first.

Christmas was good aside from a miserable cold that hit Christmas Eve and would not let go. Wonderful to see the family and just hang out and relax. My brother and his wife have big plans to be pregnant again by next December (and keep telling everyone about it!) so that may be the last time we’re all together for awhile.

Went to NYC for New Years. Had a great time with with my friends and got to see a lot while we were there. Times Square was… cold. I actually think I got frostbite because my feet have not properly recovered.

Jenny is SO grown up! She’s standing now and oh so chatty and sweet (now that she’s cut a few teeth). She’ll be 9 months next week: crazy.

We discovered about a week and a half ago that the beloved family dog, Maggie, has a tumor. It’s pressing against her lungs and heart and she has only a short time left. Her breathing is getting tougher and she has a hard time eating, though she’s still in good spirits.

Maggie is a wonderful dog. She’s undoubtedly one of the best behaved dogs I’ve ever seen and so sweet! She has a great temperament but she was also trained by my father, who did a great job working with her. She’s his dog more than the rest of us and this has hit him hard. It’s been very difficult to watch it all but I know Maggie’s had a good life. I’ll miss her; we all will.

So that’s the “highlights” for now. I’ll try not to let it go so long next time, or at least post my other stuff up here as well. Hope everyone is doing well, had a great holiday. Happy (quite belated) 2009!