An Admitedly Early Holiday Celebration

I was sitting on my couch enjoying my favorite at-home activity: browsing the web while watching TV, when I was distracted by the sound of my first Christmas commercial. Actually it’s my first Christmas anything, of the year (FYI it was the “Carol of the Bells” ad with the cash register lights but that’s not important). Anyway before I could even work up exasperation I found I was smiling. I should have been annoyed- it’s November 5th- but I’m a little impressed they made it past Halloween. I suspect I was also excited by the contrast between carols and candidate attack ads.

So in case you haven’t heard your first Christmas song yet, here’s a nice one to get you started.

From post-election peace, through Turkey Day goodness, past the classic December traditions, however you celebrate them, and including a very prosperous New Year’s…

…Happy Holidays everyone.