General Information

Episode III – The Evil Empire

All right- to finish this off, let me start by providing you with a list of known items that were damaged or destroyed. To date. Because I’m still finding things.

  1. TV
  2. DVR/ cable box
  3. stereo
  4. microwave
  5. computer
  6. VCR
  7. refrigerator (still runs but can’t stay cold anymore)

The Progress Energy Claims guy who has been assigned to me has told me that they will pay only for what the items would have been worth when destroyed. So essentially, what would I get for my two-year-old TV on Craigslist (pre-smoking and sparking). Unfortunately, I still have to pay full price for the items I have to replace. Like the $64.99 (plus tax) I paid to replace my microwave this morning. Grrrrr.

The other things I’m trying to get Progress Energy to cover are the food in the fridge that went bad (they already told me to pretty much give that up) and the $300 I paid Richard, the electrician to come and tell me what was wrong.

Now here’s the kicker– apparently I should NOT have called an electrician. Progress Energy argues that I should have just called them and they would have been able to figure out was wrong and fix it, hence, no electrician costs. As I pointed out to the claims guy, my power was working when this happened. My power never went out, until I turned off the house breaker. None of my neighbors lost power. Why would I think it was a problem with the power company? So heads up people- Call Progress Energy first. They can’t go in the house to find the problem, so I think ultimatly they would have told me to call an electrician anyway. I guess you just need their blessing first…

Hopefully this story is basically over and the only addendum will be regarding the speedy and happy cutting of a fair check. If anyone is interested in betting on that I’ll give you good odds; I need to pull in a little extra cash this month…

By the way. Great big shout out to some people who helped me through this. Couldn’t have survived without you.

  • Mom- came into town. BIG help. So wonderful to see her and at such a critical time.
  • Roommate- very patient while the house blew up around her (and ultimately destroyed her computer.
  • Brother (3)- was here when the mess started and helped clear up the wreckage.
  • Boss- so understanding and offered to help several times.