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Medicate America

I really hate to be on medication- any medication. I take birth control pills because I am a woman and that’s what women do, but I have worked very hard to get a low-estrogen dose pill. I don’t need to be any crazier than I already am.
I’ll never understand why people are so keen to be on a pill. I’m not talking about cholesterol or heart pills, but the more optional ones: erection pills, sleep pills, indigestion pills, “twitchy legs syndrome” pills; look around sometime, there’s a pill for everything now and they are advertised everywhere too. Do we really feel so bad in the everyday world that we feel the need to medicate every tiny thing? It may be that I am very sensitive to the effects, but whenever I am on some prescription medication I feel strange and not myself so I try very hard to avoid any of this crap.
So sadly right now I happen to be on an antibiotic. Can’t avoid it, gotta see it through (for a MONTH, no less- that seems like an eternity). This stuff makes me nauseous, light-headed and completely throws off my equilibrium. I’m not sure how beneficial it will be if the antibiotic works but I break my arm in the process falling down a flight of stairs. These pills say I am not allowed to lie down for 30 minutes after I take one. Explain that to me. How is lying down a problem? Inherently it means I’m not driving a car, probably not drinking or eating- shouldn’t lying down be the safest place to be after you take a pill??
I’m going to stop bitching now though… I’m sure the cave men would have loved the meds we have today. And if the rest of America wants them, who am I to complain? Just as long as my DVR let’s me fast-forward through the ads.