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I really hate to post about sad, pointless things but I do think it helps me to write about them. Therefore, heads up: sad and pointless stuff coming. Skip to the next entry.

I think I’ve said on here before that I don’t mind being single, and that is absolutely true. About 98% of the time. The other 2 % occurs every now and then. Sometimes just when I see a happy couple. Sometimes when I hear people talking about their significant other lovingly, or even casually in that way that implies care. Sometime I’ll catch that glance between couples, the kind that they instantly understand while everyone else misses the point or at best, wonders about it.

Today is one of those days, one of the 2%. Strange conversations have come up this morning and again over lunch that have reminded me of what I’m missing and my heart aches. So stupid! So annoying! It’s not broken, but it’s not being used either.