Show her to the shrink

So I am thinking that anyone who reads this will think me incredibly crazy. I am not, I don’t think- let’s call me open-minded. I’m sure I might one day read this and wonder that I sound like such a spaz. But what else is blog for but writing down thoughts at in-opportune times for you to laugh at later?
When you fall in love, I think it’s just an illusion. I know this isn’t breaking news but stick with me, I’m on a roll.
It’s an illusion, a reaction, a farce. Fake. You see things- many things- differently. Things that were important become fleeting and things that were small are suddenly significant. It’s like being brain-washed, isn’t it? True, not that I know really, but this is what I hear.
Why do we look for that to happen then? To lose control of what we want and how we perceive things? Haven’t you lost some piece of yourself? Wouldn’t you rather keep your wits about you?
It’s all chemical, love is. It’s in the brain. We have scientists looking for cures for all kinds of things; why aren’t they looking into what love is, what causes it, how the body deals with it? That’s a grant for study I can get behind. And if we know all that, can’t we have an antidote to love? I think there could be a big market for it. The ad campaign would be legendary. “Forget that lousy cheatin’ scum- take our antidote to love”. I mean- that doesn’t even need an ad campaign really- that sells itself.
And the next step? Something to induce love, right? So suddenly the whole world is happy, and in love, and there’s world peace. Bam. Right there. Utopia. Love for everyone. Somebody hand me the Nobel Prize.

Yes. I am aware this last “love-for-everyone” bit negates all previous commentary about having control, and wits and brain-washing being bad. But for world peace? Come on people. Sign up today!

I’m going to take a nap. All this craziness makes me tired.