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Social Media and Technical Communication

I’m very happy to report that I’ve completed and submitted my capstone project for my Masters degree. Huzzah! The project, to create a university, graduate-level course on social media and technical communication, was a big task and represents a lot of hours of work over the course of this semester. I’m very pleased to have it in the bag.

I’m not quite done, however. Next Tuesday, April 26th I’ll be doing my defense presentation for my department faculty, my peers and other interested parties. As you might imagine I’m pretty nervous but also confident in my knowledge of the subject matter. And I’m looking forward to really being done.

I’m including a copy of the defense presentation below. The project work can be seen on my website:
Please feel free to look it over and add comments or provide feedback if you have some. I really want this to be a conversation piece and jumping off point for future improvements and the doubtless revisions that will need to be made to a project on something as dynamic as social media. Any interest is appreciated!