Work, work, work

I love my job but there are many days when I want to bang my head against a wall for the sheer idiocy of it all. I would like to assume it has something to do with having a state job, and maybe that’s part of it, but from what I hear in the wide world, most offices largely fall prey to these things.
I’d give you a ‘top ten’ list but sadly, it’s then end of a day and my mind, having been distorted by the requirements of my day, can no longer put this together. My high points, however, involve:

  • Need for more resources/space/money/help. Requests for these things usually get turned into a meeting in which new things are added to your “to Do” list.
  • The frequency with which managers find massively important, large scale things that HAVE to be done at the last second. Never mind that no one ever concieved of this before or wants to deal with it now. Never mind that the need for it means you won’t have time to work on the other long-term, more important projects you’ve been assigned. Someone, somewhere will get joy out of this, right?
  • People who are not your boss giving you unwanted feedback or telling you what to do. I’m particularilly bothered by this right now. I am on probation at my job (not because I did anything wrong, stop being so nosy) so a wrong step means trouble. Thus one must make an effort to make everyone happy, no matter who they are or what they have to do with you. That means biting your tounge when some random guy walks by and makes a comment about that shade of blue your using… bite me dude! Don’t you have your own job to do? Wait, I KNOW you do, and the fact that you’re not doing it means I’ll probably have something else to do now.
  • As a “designer” (and I have a hard tme calling myself that, but ok, let’s go with it) it sucks to do a bunch designs and have people pick the UGLIEST one of all. It is so hard to continue to work with a design when you know there’s a better one out there. And it’s terribly irritating to design for people who “don’t want to be entertained” (literally, that’s what this person says when considereing designs). You hate to claim the work when you’re done because you know you could really do better.

Let me end this post by reiterating, I really love my job. Even after shitty days I still want to go to work the next day. I know how rare and wonderful this is, so really, work-rants should be few and far between on this blog.