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I missed it at the time but “Poli-ticked Off” was post number 100. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for so long- or that I’ve managed to stay on this one blog the whole time. It’s very amusing, and somewhat depressing, to read my old posts. I’m not really sure how far I’ve come, but it is kind of nice to have a record of the path. So happy 101. Thanks for reading!

In other news I dropped my fall class today. Work continues to be very busy; our CIO has big plans which sadly seem to require large amounts of work from my unit. Doing school work, and completing my “incomplete” from my summer class, was just too much. I’m kind of ridiculously excited to be free so I definetely think it’s the right thing to do. It’s putting me way behind on my master’s program though.

Preseason hockey has begun (Go Canes!) and it was a lovely 64 degrees today, though rainy. NC State beat ECU in football last weekend, I’ve already bought my Halloween costume and the new season of “The Office” premieres tonight. I love fall!

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  • Jellybean Mama

    Is your Halloween costume sexy? 🙂

    Congrats on your 101 posts! As an avid reader I’m very excitd for the next 101.

    I think dropping the class was definitely the right thing to do – relax for five seconds a week! Come see your namesake!