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I look forward to several annual Triangle events: IgniteRaleigh, BeerFest, the Sanderson Band Competition (yeah, what? I’m a band geek, ok!), and I’m very pleased to be able to help out with one of those events types of events this year– BarCamp RDU.

¬†BarCamp is an unconference. In case you’re not familiar with that term, it’s when lots of people show up with a variety of ideas for talks based around a topic – in this case that topic is “technology”.¬†Vague, yes? But an unconference is uniquely perfect for a topic like technology which is so dynamic and fast-paced that a traditional conference format often can’t keep up. Rather than submitting a talk, getting it approved and then waiting two months (or more) to present, folks arrive with the tools and knowledge on the day of the event, ready to chat about what’s relevant, recently released and in the news.

BarCamp has one thing missing and that’s girls. Not surprisingly, tech conferences sometime fall a little short in female representation and part of my goal in helping out this years it to see what we can do about getting more of the fairer sex to show up and perhaps even <gasp /> present! So if you’re reading this blog and you’re a chick who’s interested in technology you should at least see about snagging a ticket and checking things out. Ladies, let’s represent, yo!

This years BarCamp will be October 15th – tickets are available tomorrow, 10AM on EventBrite. They go fast, so get them now! Hope to see you there!