General Information

Busy, busy, crazy busy

God, I haven’t written in SO long. Bad blogger!

Quick update:

  • work is stressful and busy
  • my class is stressful and keeping me busy
  • barely made it to Thanksgiving but did get some much needed R&R over that weekend

Coming events:

  • UNC CAUSE conference for work
  • Christmas parties – including my own
  • Christmas shopping and cards (WAY behind on that stuff)

Roommate is making me nuts. There are reindeer ALL OVER. I don’t think I can make it through another year living with her. I hate clutter and there is just too much stuff in this house. Unfortunately, I also hate confrontations so I haven’t yet worked out how to talk to her about any of this.

Sadly I am even to busy to make this post engaging or fun. This is all you get! I’ll try to do better next time.