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The Sighs of the Season

Ah… I can breathe again.

I finally finished my paper for class, completed my presentation at the conference (hungover, no less) and have made it past a number of other work and personal humps. While no means free of stress (I’m hosting a Christmas party in 10 days) I at least feel like I’ve made it past the worst of it.

My conference was… interesting. I’m assured that I managed to avoid embarrassing myself too much. Still it was the kind of event with situations that leave you raw and emotional. No doubt combined with the “joyous” Christmas season, I find myself exhausted and a little nauseous and that’s not the hangover (at least not anymore). People trying to “pair me off” – which has never been in the slightest bit successful – while I try not to think about what I really want and can never have. This was my deadline of sorts. I’m going to make myself “get out there” more in the coming weeks and months. Wish me luck and you really should tune in because this is usually when it gets very funny and very, very sad.

I’m literally posting this on a computer in class (my last class of the semester- hell YEAH!) so I think I’d better be done now.

PS- my hotel in Asheville, the B Renaissance Hotel, was incredible. Great service, nice rooms and decent food.