And tonight’s low is…

Here I am, on a Sunday night, once again waiting for Progress Energy.

Before you say you’re sick of reading posts about this let me assure you I am heartily sick of writing them.

I’ve been fighting a cold for a few days and beat it down through my Christmas party (last night, decent success thanks) but it hit me hard today. I came home from a cookie exchange and fell asleep on my couch with hopes of waking up healthy.

Instead, I woke up cold. I was very disturbed to realize that when I tried to turn on the heat, nothing was happening. I thought it was a problem with my heater, or at least the panel, so I called a heating repair company. But while waiting on an appointment I wandered into my family room and discovered all my lights were dimmed. A symptom of past problems. My TV doesn’t turn on, my microwave doesn’t work– and I’m scared to push it lest I blow something up again.

My brilliant and wonderfully supportive mother suggested I call Progress Energy and as of this writing I’m still waiting to hear from them. I’m hoping I don’t have to spend the night in a house with no heat. I’m also hoping it’s not another open neutral situation and I don’t wake up surrounded by flames. My roommate has headed for warmth at a friends so I am feeling sick, sad and not a little creeped-out. Wonder what this will cost me…

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