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hodgepodge: pick n’ choose

My professor referenced an obscure Bare NakedLadies song in order to make a point today in class. I seriously doubt that anyone in that room other than me had even heard of the song. This class has some terrible readings (think 120 pages of stereo instructions) but this prof does a good job of explaining things and he’s Canadian so occasionally I get these hilarious and strange references.

My weekend was GREAT- thanks for asking. Both my teams won and the hockey game went to overtime and was wonderful. The weather was incredible, the food and beer plentiful and tasty and the friends didn’t make fun of me as much as usual!

I went to lunch with a friend who is moving away in a week or so, to Rhode Island. He was a proprietor of a favorite local hangout and also happens to be gay. He told several stories over lunch of people, recently, who informed him they would not go to a gay-owned store or who actively tried to convince him to renounce his evil, godless ways. It’s a tragedy to me that in 2007 we still have so many intolerant people. Even if I didn’t approve of the gay lifestyle, what happened to common decency? Why do you purposely seek out and offend people? -any people?