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Wednesday Evening, 10pm

I broke my rule a little bit. The 9/11 post was long so here’s a quick update my day-to-day shit:

This weekend looks perfect. Football (State) on Saturday and hockey (Canes) on Sunday! Next weekend is the Oktoberfest (yes, I know it’s not October- not my decision!). All I have to do is get through the week overflowing with work and class readings.

Speaking of work, I’m getting to do more stuff I want to but not getting to drop the other stuff I have to. I haven’t cracked yet but I think the strain is beginning to show.

Roommate is in the throes of new-relationship joy with yet another guy. This one takes her to watch sunsets which I think is probably boring, somewhat suspicious and definitely cheesy. I hope neither of them read this blog.

Several coworkers who have moved since I have are now planning house-warming parties. I think that means time has expired on mine and I haven’t done anything to the place since painting part of the stairway 2 months ago. 🙁

5 points to anyone who correctly guess where I stole my blog title from.