iLove iPhone

I’m sorry, I completely glossed over this fact in my last post: I got my iPhone. Woohoo!

Before I geek-out completely I’d like to state publicly, for friends and family that have had to deal with me over the last week and forever after this– I’m sorry if I’m ignoring you. My name is Jen and I’m addicted to my iPhone. (Hi Jen.)

It’s just so damn cool! I’ve had the phone for 9 days and I’ve downloaded 38 apps. I have 3 email accounts, 2 calendar tools and a task manager. I’ve created 4 ringtones, taken 2 dozen photos and downloaded 10 games. It’s an addiction. I blame Apple.

Speaking of cool technology, I’ve decided I’m ok with Google taking over the world. And really, cane you blame me? These guys have a functional calendar, online docs and integrated add-ons for Firefox, Thunderbird and, of course, the iPhone (I could probably do a shout-out for their blogging tools too, huh?). And they’re always pushing the enevelope with new stuff like Grand Central and today’s release, the Google Friends Connect.

And a final nerdy thought for the evening: I’m now on Twitter. Feel free to follow me (ncsumarit). I can post from my iPhone! < (That’s enough. I’m sick of me too.)