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marit’s week in review

I’m a little behind so here’s the week recap.

Weekend: ‘rents had the annual Oktoberfest. Tasty beer, tasty food. Neighbors brought over a 1961 bottle of Crown Royale which, other than making my dad a bit sad to stop drinking beer, made my parents very drunk and happy.

Conference in the ATL: here’s my consumer report– Sheraton Buckhead was not good. Power went out at the hotel (only the hotel, thank god the bar down the street was unaffected) for 8 hours. Whether because of that or something else the lobby and basement (where the conference sessions were being held) was without AC for the second day of the conference. No internet access (hotel and host companies fault) so I purchased the access for my room, but even when there was no power for 8 hours they didn’t discount or pro-rate the bill. Really disappointing, especially for a Sheraton.

And work: I’ve never heard of, let alone seen, so many people lose faith in a place so fast. I’ve heard of turnover where the staff all got fired. This staff all wants to quit. Myself included. I actually like my job most of the time. And I love my boss. But I can’t watch my department let good people go– all but force them to go with bad decisions and a lack of support. I don’t want to be left in that mess, so I’ll be updating the ‘ole resume this weekend. I’m angry though. Really, really mad about it all.