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Car Closure

As you know if you read my blog regularly (and let’s face it, you probably don’t) I traded in my 1992 Honda Accord for a shiny new 2001 Honda Accord about a month ago. Now my old Honda has been cleaned up and put up for sale (see link in title). I’m really glad they didn’t just send it to the junk heap. It was a good car and I hope it will be a good car for someone else. 🙂

And since I usually use my consumer feedback powers for evil rather than good (I whine a lot) I thought I should shout out to the company that gave me a great deal on a great car and good service in the process: Stone Auto. The car buying process can be a nightmare- especially for a chick- but they were really great and I’d recommend them to anyone, but especially for used car deals.

PS- for a before and after photo comparison jump back to ‘Ode to my Honda‘.