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The Tale of the Keys

Once upon a time, in fact on the very night before our heroine was to move to a new house, she lost her keys. Now this was significant problem since it had both her keys to her current place and to her new place. Her keys to her current mailbox and the new one. It also had her parent’s house keys, her brother storage facility key and her key drive with lots of important files. Oddly enough the thing she missed the most was her Harris Teeter VIC card. (What? They’ll issue you a new one but then it doesn’t know what kind of coupons to give you.)

Then one day, six months later, she was switching purses because as we all know you can’t wear brown shoes with a black purse. The purse had tons of junk in it and she was tossing stuff in the trash but the purse was still heavy. She finally dug inside, into the side zippered pocket and, WHA-LA, her keys!

This story has no moral, just the happy ending. The ending probably isn’t so amusing to her brother who drove her around for 2 hours looking for the keys, or for her friends who detoured past restaurants and even patches of grass so she could look for the keys weeks later. I’m just happy knowing my keys weren’t out there for some weirdo to pick up. I mean ‘her’- her keys. I never lose my keys.


  • NCCathi

    This makes me want to stab you.

    IN YOUR PURSE???!!!!!!!!!

    Are you sure you’re related to me? It sounds like you’re related to Nancy.

  • zacend

    I guess you were feeling some pressure when you lost those keys? I, for one, am delighted that you found those keys… have you thought about driving by the car dealership and taking a really close look at your old car?