My $.02

I’m not kidding myself that any of you really care how I feel about politics but I think I might enjoy re-reading this on, say, the first Tuesday in November. Or next January after the re-count.

McCain – a morally righteous man with whom, I’m sorry to say, I disagree on a number of important issues.
Obama – too soon to tell. I’m worried about his experience but everything I hear is good. Need to learn more about where he stands on the issues.
Edwards – uninspired twerp who seems to feel entitled to the presidency.
Huckabee – C-R-A-Z-Y. Can’t do that religion.
Romney – ditto
Clinton – I’m glad a woman can compete; it’s about time. I’m not going to vote for her if she’s not going to represent my interests (haven’t investigated her record), but for last time, she is not going to nuke Korea because she’s on her period!
Guliani – is he still competing? I thought he was getting married again. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

I’m also bummed about the writer’s strike. Colbert and Stewart are back but they can’t say anything. The WGA and the ATMP-whatever need to work their shit out ’cause their denying us all superior political satire just when we need it most!