Random Updates

Progress Energy
Apparently I wasn’t the only one with power problems in my area. Progress Energy came out and tore up the cables for everyone in my row of townhouses and then kindly put down grass seed in the area where I’d just finished killing the grass. On the plus side, my power hasn’t flickered in the slightest since then so (knock on wood) I think things might be fixed!

Bedroom Set
It’s GORGEOUS! The biggest problem now is that I don’t want to get up in the morning because it’s so pretty and comfy! Yeah!

Valentine’s Day & Weight Watchers
It took me a couple days to get over it this year. My ability to ignore it was tested by several obstacles. My roommate got flowers and enjoyed her time with the boyfriend; I went to a Valentine’s Day party with six couples (including an ex) and… me- lucky number 13; and my Weight Watchers meeting cheered me right up with the news I lost a whopping – wait for it – .6lbs.
In fact, I’ve lost in total only about 8lbs in the 6 weeks I’ve been doing WW. I think in part that’s because I’ve been going to the gym so much; I know some of this is muscle. But WW doesn’t account for that and it certainly didn’t cheer me up on the 14th. Hence the very mopey post. The only defense I can offer is, as sad and bitter as that post sounded, I was WAY more sad and bitter in real life.

But we’re past it. Another year until V-Day comes again. I wonder if I’ll still be single… 😉