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Road Trippin’

As I briefly mentioned in a past post, my office is going through a reorganization. If you’ve never had the pleasure you should try to keep it that way.

Since the office is ripe with doubt, frustration and misery I’m quite anxious to be distracted. The new car has distracted me beautifully (oh my god, I got into work early this morning because I couldn’t wait to get up so I could drive my car. I am lame. That’s an actual quote from a friend when I told them that story.) but it can’t last forever. My new distraction is the fact that I’m going to the mountains this weekend! Yeah!

Let me interrupt this excitement by saying: I love living in a state where I can drive to both the mountains and the beach in mere hours. I actually went to the beach a few weeks ago and now I’m hittin’ the hills. Beautiful. Back to the point.

My excitment is tempered by the fact that this is a trip that has the potential for plenty of trouble. The people I’m going with have some family issues brewing and I’m having a few concerns about the dynamic of group in general. Plus it’s camping. The last time I went camping my brother barfed in the backseat (yes, I was in the backseat too) and my parents almost divorced after my dad abandoned the flooded tent for the car. Yeah, the puke car. The tent was really wet.

But I said no more whining plus I really am very excited to get out of town. Lots of drinking and playing cards and spending time with people I like. Did I mention lots of drinking? This camping trip may come with puking too. I’ll keep you informed!