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Marit 2.0

While I’m pretty sure that no one cares what I ate for lunch today, I have begun to think that the best blogs detail the day-to-day lives of ordinary people in an interesting and entertaining way. No one reads this blog as far as I can tell so it’s hard to tell if I’m entertaining, but I know that up to this point many of my posts have been about thoughts, theories and moping: some brought on by circumstance but most just personal musings when I realized I hadn’t written for awhile. I’m pretty sure that last sentence wasn’t entertaining.

So here’s my new leaf- I’m going to use this more as a journal of significant events. I can’t promise less whining; I may occasionally ruminate on these events but generally I’ll try to keep the word count and angst down to a minimum.

I would appreciate feedback. Especially if it’s nice feedback.

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  • NCCathi

    I had a Buffalo chicken salad for lunch from the corporate office cafeteria. It was gross. I hope your lunch was better.

    I fully support blogs being ruminations of all varieties – it’s yours, let it be whatever the hell you want it to be!