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Something to Look Forward To

So to preface this post, I’ve had a little to drink tonight. And I think there’s some rule about don’t drink and post but I’m FAR too wise to listen to such silliness.

Went out with some friends this evening. It’s so nice what a little alcohol and some good company can do with an evening. Anyway, among our ridiculous suggestive comments, stupid ideas, happy/dirty/forgotten memories and frustrated work stories was a discussion on travel.

Now these are some of the same people I went to NYC with this past New Years and we had a great time. What’s more, we traveled well together (I thought. Wait, you don’t agree? … Huh. Awkward.), so it seems like something we’d want to try again. Our next plan is for Las Vegas (potentially over the 4th of July) and beyond that, the NC mountains sometime this fall. These wouldn’t be long trips necessarily, but they’re already such a nice thought out there on the horizon (a happy dent in my crappy work/school life) that I can’t help looking forward to it, even without any real details to attach to the idea.

But speaking of trips and details, I’ll be heading to NYC again in less than a month. My best friend from high school, the man who swore he would never marry, is getting married. Congratulations, Mr. Darcy.
I’m trying to drag one of my friends along for moral support and to distract me. It will, after all, be just shortly after the big 3-0 and I feel there may be a little self-pity involved, something I’d like to avoid. It’s an odd trip- no real plans, aside from the wedding, and quite possibly I’ll be by myself, just me a million other people.

So stay tuned for my travel stories. Also, just bought me a Mac Mini and already the masses are curious about how it’s working (it was just shipped! Give me a few days!) so I’ll post about that soon. Well, “soon”.

P.S. If you’re reading this post and thinking: “That spoiled baby is traveling and buying Mac Mini’s and all kinds of stuff!”, you are right, I am a spoiled baby. A spoiled baby who did an itemized federal tax refund.