The [adjective] Old Days

In the process of moving my blog over from Blogger I had to shift some “categories” and “tags” and I’m still updating old posts that had nothing. So it’s been in turns, funny, pathetic and nostalgic to review my earlier posts. A couple of posts in particular stood out: some comments on politics, old family trips, my yearly devotion to autumn. But there were two things I really enjoyed, and I think they’re a good reason to actually wallow in my nostalgia for a moment.

Mac vs. PC
I stumbled across a couple of pro-Windows posts from years past. I found it hilarious to read about Windows Vista since I have NEVER put it on any of my machines at home or at work (although I do have a beta of Windows 7 now… history repeating itself?). The I got my Mac about 8 months ago, my iPhone a few months later, and though I haven’t posted about it I’m waiting anxiously for news about Mac Mini upgrades so I can bring on of those babies home. BTW, I don’t hate Windows or anything. I just like Mac better now.

The Busy Posts
I knew that things were bad at work last year. Every now and then on bad days I remember how nuts I was and with certain projects popping up again the night-sweats have returned. But going back through some posts from late 2007 and spring of 2008 I really remember how bad things were. I actually think I did a pretty good job of not flipping out more than I did, under the circumstances. I thank my lucky stars we got to hire someone to help me at work before the budget fell into the crapper.