The General World of Jen

I love the holidays. There’s a purpose behind them: once a year we have to slow down and look around. Whether or not you like what you see it’s a chance for reflection and, hopefully, gratitude.

I visited with my cousin and her daughter (cute baby at left) to exchange presents this afternoon. I won’t see them for at least three weeks and it’s bumming me out. But no present in the world can beat falling asleep with a baby on my chest while watching ‘A Muppet Christmas Carol’. That’s what life is all about right there.

Sadly I can’t focus on the holidays quite yet. Heading home and seeing family is still a week off, and a very busy one at that. There’s Christmas parties and cards and more gifts to buy and for some reason I have tons of meetings this week. Don’t people know it’s the holidays?!

And in others news I’m keeping busy with a new project: contributing to movie-recipes.com! No, you’ve never heard of it. It’s a site that a friend of mine does. Rather than review movies it tells you what the movie is made of. Hopefully it will give you an idea of whether or not it’s worthwhile based on the movies it’s similar to. You can check out my inaugural post here.