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The Gospel of Social Media

While my current job doesn’t have a lot of social media work built into it, it is still something I find myself thinking and talking about a lot. Since I do website development for clients we’re often asked about the need for social media accounts and I frequently find myself trying to talk these folks off the proverbial ledge: you do not need 15 accounts in each of the “hawt” social networking tools. I’m also in a grad program for Technical Communication and have over my years in the program become something of an advocate for providing training on these tools in a professional environment. In fact, I’m requesting that my thesis project be to develop curriculum for a graduate course in Social Media and Technical Communication.

So when my friend Mike asked me to present on social media for a professional conference that was coming up (he works in Parks & Recreation) I happily agreed to help. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone and also use this presentation for the UNC CAUSE conference my office was hosting (more on that conference to come). My presentation with Mike is tomorrow morning; the CAUSE presentation that I did with my co-worker John Martin, was last week. I can’t herald success from the rooftops yet but I’m plenty happy that the end is in site. While the two presentations overlapped A LOT, they were still both A LOT of work.

So here, for your very own chewy, social enjoyment, are my slides from the presentation for the NCRPA conference. Credit to Mike (@sinkawitz) and huge props to my UNC CAUSE co-presenter John, the Blog King (@nematome) for their co-presenter awesomeness.

Hope you enjoy!