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Weddings, weddings everywhere and not a man to date

I am very happy for several of my friends and relatives as I have a rash of weddings coming up in the next three months (the use of the term “rash” being in no way negative). One older friend- in his late 50’s in fact, that is just delightful; he is marrying his high school sweetheart! One is a wedding between two of my closest friends, both of them in their 40’s and on second marriages. And the last is my cousin who is in her early twenties. Let’’s only say that I had better look good at that wedding and if my cousin Mary points out my being the only single girl there (as she did at the family reunion two years ago) someone is going to need to hold me back or have bail money ready….

I am quite happy about all these weddings and, unlike in some cases, I really think all three are wonderful, joyful occasions and that all involved deserve every happiness. However, I can’t help but be annoyed that I can’t even find a date to these things!

I did, in fact make another effort at dating recently. In the continuing saga of my pathetic romantic life, I asked a guy to the movies- and he brought another girl with him! He was quite nice about it but clearly he is either gay, or not interested (I suspect gay since I kind of had a thing for him and that tends to be my trend).

I’ve also been using on and off for the last 8 months or so. That has been an unqualified disaster, with the exception of one date (I thought the guy was great but we only saw each other the one time). I only mention as part of my policy of consumer recommendation- and I don’t recommend Match- they ripped me off (happy to tell you more about it if you ask).

So I want to know how does someone find a guy? I’m asking out the ones I’m attracted to (but being shot down), I’m keeping an eye online (but mostly deleting emails from creepy old guys informing me I’m a “sexy chick!”) and I’m trying to ignore the attractions that I do have which are for married or otherwise already spoken-for men (why is that even biologically allowed?- it’s so unfair). I have had a number of people tell me to “stop looking”- the “it’ll happen when you least expect it” rule which is just married people’s answer for singles. And it’s SUCH bull shit.

I guess I’ll fall back on being drunk for the whole autumn wedding season. Here’s to the glory of open bars. Cheers!