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A Year of Twitter

I have been so busy posting to my blog on a regular basis I belatedly realized that I have hit 1000 posts on Twitter! I guess my micro-blogging habit has really interfered with my regular blog updates (not that I was doing terribly well at blogging before the distraction of Twitter…). I spent some time going back through all my fascinating posts and realized that I’ve nearly hit another milestone: 1 year on Twitter. My first post was September 18th, 2008.

It was at times sweet, nostalgic, painful and hilarious to read my thoughts on events of the last year. There were very few things that I couldn’t find a context for in my 140 characters; my memory is bad but Twitter gave me just enough thread to unravel huge sweaters of ridiculous stories. I’m in awe of Twitter all over again for giving me back the highlights of day to day life that I would never have remembered otherwise.

So in an effort to actually post something on my blog, and to effectually recap the last 12 months in collections of 140 characters or less, here they are: my favorite (amusing, nostalgic and/or topically relevant) tweets of the last year.

  • I’m web 2.1 baby! 8:59 AM Sep 19th, 2008 from web
  • Trivia night! Tonight’s team name: “Recession: fragrence for men” 5:28 PM Sep 24th, 2008 from web
  • #ncsu_oit has some really great empolyees- here’s to you guys! 1:23 PM Oct 7th, 2008 from twhirl
  • Tried to vote over lunch but the line was out the door. Nice to see democracy in action! 12:18 PM Oct 29th, 2008 from twhirl
  • in Google apps session at #unccause08 — it’s standing room only! 1:31 PM Nov 18th, 2008 from twhirl
  • I got my iPhone! 😀 2:08 PM Nov 26th, 2008 from twhirl
  • Waiting for health services to finish their parents orientation session. They’re talking about student mortality. Welcome to NCSU! 2:15 PM Dec 12th, 2008 from TwitterFon
  • Happy Christmas to all! Got a Wii fit, season 3 HIMYM, a Pi plate and gift cards! Yeah! 4:56 PM Dec 25th, 2008 from TwitterFon
  • In NYC! At upright citizens brigade improv show 8:01 PM Dec 30th, 2008 from TwitterFon
  • Happy new year twerps! NYC is f%<+ing cold. 12:50 AM Jan 1st from TwitterFon
  • Sad day: Nortel files for bankruptcy protection — My Dad worked there 16 years and they moved us out of Canada. 11:10 AM Jan 14th from twhirl
  • Direct TV is starting to make me angry… 4:43 PM Jan 16th from twhirl
  • Sleeping in tomorrow and then up to watch the annual NC flip-out-over-2-inchs-of-snow event. 12:00 AM Jan 20th from TwitterFon
  • Having “fun” at “playmakers” with my work “friends”. 6:23 PM Feb 6th from TwitterFon
  • I’m a good girl: went to the gym! Also, I ate a cupcake. So I’m just a regular girl now. 8:32 PM Feb 17th from web
  • Social experiment: Word Association on Twitter. I post a word and your response is what my tweet made you think of! 11:30 AM Feb 24th from twhirl
  • Watching hockey and working on taxes. I think the announcement of a $4 trillion budget has made me want my return as soon as possible… 9:07 PM Feb 26th from twhirl
  • Octuplets mom breakfast special: 14 eggs, no sausage and the next guy has to pay for it. (Thanks @opus2008!) 7:44 PM Feb 27th from TwitterFon
  • The burrow has landed! 12:29 AM Mar 2nd from TwitterFon
  • I thought the Dow was at it’s lowest point in 11 years LAST week. Such a tease. 4:13 PM Mar 2nd from twhirl
  • @jason_austin Where did you find hope? I only found frustration today. 6:04 PM Mar 10th from twhirl in reply to jason_austin
  • Learning about tree sex. Seriously. 1:43 PM Mar 12th from TwitterFon
  • Lovely evening with the Consortium. Great #bsg, great Dollhouse 1:32 AM Mar 14th from TwitterFon
  • Cute doggie: 6:40 PM Apr 4th from TwitterFon
  • I just heard a rumor that Ty Lawson injured his toe kicking walkers out from under the elderly. Be careful out there, Detroit. #final_four 9:26 PM Apr 4th from TwitterFon
  • Looking forward to a nice low-key dinner with the #consortium at The Point. 5:09 PM Apr 5th from twhirl
  • Ugh… History paper on Asbestos is done. Finally. Recap: Asbestos is bad. Don’t eat it. 10:59 PM Apr 8th from twhirl
  • Just got a haircut by a man who spoke two words of English: “hello” and “balloon”. Guess how my hair came out… 11:54 AM Apr 16th from TwitterFon
  • Canes WIN!!! 9:27 PM Apr 17th from TwitterFon
  • Uh oh. Mac vs. Windows argument in my history class. Getting strangely defensive (she writes on her iPhone). 7:04 PM Apr 22nd from TwitterFon
  • @opus2008 Know what’s good for fuzzy teeth? Port. 11:08 AM Apr 25th from TwitterFon in reply to opus2008
  • Saw Sidney Lowe on the walk back to the car. Opted not to say “better luck next year”… 9:25 PM May 8th from TwitterFon
  • RT @akacooties: avoid only what experience has proven you don’t enjoy. Try what you have yet to experience and might like. Taste! Watch! Go! 11:52 PM May 13th from TwitterFon
  • it’s official: @NathanFillion is precious and Joss Whedon a genius. Loving ‘Firefly’, re-enjoying ‘Buffy’ and singing with ‘Dr. Horrible’. 12:02 AM May 21st from Twitterrific
  • Woops. Turns out my very loud lunch conversation about corrupt NCSU administration was 10 feet from Provost Nielsen. 12:05 PM May 21st from Twitterrific
  • @wordassociation zombies = picky eaters 4:56 PM May 28th from TwitterFon in reply to wordassociation
  • Just tried Absenthe and Dave’s Insanity Sauce for the first time. Dave’s actually has the better aftertaste. 10:14 PM May 29th from TwitterFon
  • Apparently I went and bought myself a car company yesterday. 6:13 AM Jun 1st from web
  • The Pit of Despair is really quite nice. Sure it lacks natural light but it’s cool in summer and has a good floorplan. 9:14 PM Jun 1st from web
  • I’m excited to come back to the office just knowing there’s an iMac waiting for me. 12:10 PM Jun 5th from twhirl
  • #robotpickuplines Your lips say 0 but your eyes say 1. 3:34 PM Jun 5th from web
  • My cat is being NICE to me! It’s the most bizarre thin– oh, wait. Never mind. 11:33 PM Jun 6th from TwitterFon
  • Board of Trustees email: “To the Students, Faculty and Friends of NC State University”. Gosh, I guess he really isn’t writing to me at all. 9:06 AM Jun 8th from twhirl
  • My dad reading his grandson a book. Simple joys of life! 8:15 PM Jun 20th from TwitterFon
  • PSA: Turns out ceiling paint is not water soluble… 11:43 PM Jun 22nd from TwitterFon
  • Have you ever done something so bizarre, so out-of-character that it seems robotic and makes you question your humanity? No, me neither. 9:08 PM Jun 26th from web
  • @wordassociation naked hiking = stunning views 10:40 PM Jun 26th from web in reply to wordassociation
  • Hoover Damn means means heat stroke to me. 6:15 PM Jul 1st from TwitterFon
  • Saw a spider and by the time I’d gone for reinforcements it was blocking the stairs and had the cat hostage. #OrkinFAIL 10:41 PM Jul 12th from TwitterFon
  • Just gave my Google Voice number to my insurance agent. It’s like it’s real now… 3:41 PM Jul 23rd from TwitterFon
  • Just found a chunk of dried banana on on my shoe. Ahhh, Vegas… 8:59 AM Jul 31st from twhirl
  • Repeatedly mentioning you love Chapel Hill does not IgniteJen #IgniteRaleigh 7:02 PM Aug 5th from TwitterFon
  • @opus2008 It’s the tax-free weekend at an Apple store; that place is going to be hotter than the chocolate Axe guy at a female fat camp. 9:50 AM Aug 7th from twhirl in reply to opus2008
  • Just watched the NCSU Marching Band Dirty Shuffle through campus. #iheartband 4:02 PM Aug 18th from TweetDeck
  • Good morning, interweb! It’s a bright, shiny Monday! 7:58 AM Aug 24th from TweetDeck
  • OMG, @usaussie loves Groupwise! Nick and Groupwise sittin’ in a tree… 8:34 AM Aug 25th from TweetDeck

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  • Jellybean Mama

    You love Twitter so much that now you’re BLOGGING ABOUT TWITTER??!!!!!!

    You know, there are people out here who hang on your every post with a sad desperation. I’m not one of ’em, I’m just saying.