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Long Days

I’m going to skip the guilt for not posting this time. For the record I did post, and a pretty good one at that, about a month ago. But seeing as it dealt with work, and in a pretty negative way, I decided it was neither the time nor place (yeah, censorship!) and took it down after about 15 minutes.

Which actually ties nicely into my gloomy post for this evening. I’ve noted several times of the past few months that this year sucks. At first I thought it was just me feeling sorry for myself for turning 30, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Aside from work troubles I’ve been sick three times this year. The family dog unexpectedly got sick and died, and two weeks the neighbors dog died- surprisingly painful events both. And yes, I realize the world doesn’t revolve around me: a friend of my brothers drowned on July 4th weekend; another friend’s mother is in a coma after falling down the stairs. I have friends who’ve been in car accidents and another who had a family member commit suicide. I know several people without jobs, many buckling under the strain. Under the circumstances I’m delighted my family has only lost a dog (I know that sounds sick, but it’s true).

I do believe that life ebbs and flows and I suspect humans have had a pretty good time of it lately. One has to make it through the bad times to enjoy the good. I’m trying to remember that I can appreciate the good anytime: I have a good job making decent money; a nice house; great friends and family; my health. And this too, shall pass. In the meantime I’ll struggle through an uninspired workday, hug my brother extra hard, take pleasure in fun evenings with friends, pet my terribly needy cat and be grateful for all of it. It’s also so fleeting.

Sorry for the gloom. I’ll try to be a little more perky next time…

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  • Jellybean Mama

    I’m sorry you’re sad. But (because I just LOVE to look at the sunny side of life), look at all the good things that have happened this year; look at all the awesome traveling you’ve done, and the things you’ve seen. Yes, you’ve been deathly sick while doing so, but, uh, doesn’t it still count as fun stuff? Ok, maybe not, since you seem to always be either freezing to death or burning up. 30 is suppose to be awesome, so I guess it just means all the great stuff is still ahead of you!