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Woot! More Blogs for me to Ignore!

So I’ve actually been spending a lot of time with my blog lately, though you wouldn’t necessarily know it… To begin with you can see that this isn’t the same theme that was up here on my last post (sorry Evan Eckard… it really was a nice theme!). I’m easily bored and distracted by the “look n’ feel” of my blog so I’ve been playing around. Hopefully this theme will be here for awhile.

I’m also taking a class this semester on Social Media as it relates to business. I didn’t realize it but this is actually something I’m pretty interested in, and as one of the assignments and my new quasi-un-imposed hobby I started a blog to talk about my thoughts on the matter. Visit and you can also follow me on a separate Twitter account:

Finally, my lovely and charming friend Twanda mentioned a new “thing” wandering the blog-o-sphere: Project 365. The idea is you take a photo every day for a year. I’ve created a new blog for this endeavor: And yes, I realize that I post rarely so this may not really happen every day but I’m working on it…

I have lots to talk about related to work and school. And even a few things to say about life and the new year. Sadly I have more ideas than time, at least for now, so I’m not promising a stunning revival of sharing. But you know, that’s what RSS is for. So stay tuned and we’ll see what’s coming!