We apologize for the disruption of service…

What? You didn’t notice? Huh. Shocking.

Yeah so I accidentally deleted my blog. All but the database that is. Naturally I had no back up, nor could I remember the WordPress theme I had so lovingly modified to my liking. So here we are with a new design (thank you Evan Eckard), though please don’t look too closely- I’ve modified it a fair bit and it’s still a work in progress.

If you happened by jenreally.com at any point in the last ~2 weeks you may have found yourself disappointed by its absence. Or relieved (it’s ok, you can say it). Anyway I’m back for more updates on the STUNNINGLY FUN AND ADVENTUROUS WORLD OF JEN. Big news this week: I’m getting dumber.
That’s the only explanation I can come up with for how I screwed up this blog thing. Sadly I’ve also been unmotivated lately so I’m not really working on getting smarter: I’m a dumb slacker. I have a number of theories on how and why this might be happening but I really can’t be bother to think them through… or even finish this sentence… Yeah. Motivation. Lacking.

So yeah, I’ve been ok. I should be working on schoolwork right now but I’m not. Christmas cards have not been purchased, parties have not been planned and my house doesn’t remember what “clean” is. I can’t seem to let go of the idea that my life has passed me by and I’ve missed so many things- and I’ve been dwelling on it way too much. I also know that’s dumb and there’s plenty of time for doing what I want- as soon as I figure out what it is. Yeah, maybe I’ll work on that after the holidays. See? Dumb slacker.

Please review my Twitter feed– I made the effort to be Thankful last week during that season for Thanking. I’ll give it another go in a real post sometime soon. Maybe think about checking back? If it’s not too much effort…

Ok. Nap time.

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