Bag blogger!

Yes, I am a bad blogger.

School’s out- for summer this time. Was going to take a summer class but since I haven’t officially completed all assignments for my spring class (taking an incomplete) and work is not slowing down that seems a bad idea.

Cuzin Yorii is due in less than a week and is completely ready to pop. I have to review my “to do” list and maybe reread a few chapters of the baby book to get myself psyched up. I’m missing mom’s day and my dad’s birthday at home this weekend, just in case she goes early but all signs seem to be pointing to ‘Junior’ wanting to stay put for the long haul. It’s bizarre to have something so big and important waiting on the horizon but not have a date to go with it.

My Wii is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Downloaded Mario Bros (3, the good one) and Galaga and have purchased myself some Mario Kart plus extra controllers and other misc. toys. Must stop sending money on it but it’s so fun! (both the Wii and the spending money) and, well, Dr. Mario comes out next week so I’ll stop buying things after that.

Went camping last weekend and it was wonderful. I don’t usually like spring but it just seems like I’ve been cold lately (I have lost some weight, yay!) and it’s so nice to be outside in the sun. Anyway, the weather was great and this was the kind of camping with a bathroom a short walk away so it wasn’t exactly a hardship. I’m supposed to be going to the mountains in June for more camping and I’m really looking forward to it. Might buy myself a tent if I can stop spending money on my Wii.

And I’ll say nothing about work here, except that’s Saturday afternoon (and sunny out) and I’m posting this from work. So there you go.