Really Bag Blogger

I think 4 or 5 people have told me that I accidentally entitled my last post “Bag Blogger”, which was exciting since I had no idea that many people were reading! Hi people! I am a really bad blogger.

In my defense, things have been very busy and I have been thinking about blogging. I actually have 3 or 4 things in mind to write about, starting with the story of baby. But I want to give that story it’s full weight so I’ll save it for next time. And by “next time” I don’t mean 3 months from now.

I don’t really have any great updates; work is still busy, I’m still stressed. On the plus side I’m 21 days away from my vacation: 2-weeks in a beautiful Bob Ross-wilderness of Canada. I’ve also been working on my nice back yard with help from my cute little brother, who probably wouldn’t like to be called “cute” or “little”. More soon.

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