Will You Like to Play?

My never-ending workload recently caused my boss to nominate me for an award at work and, I’m pretty happy to say, I won! The reward was some time off, which I don’t have time to take, and $250. I decided to use that money to reward myself and so (after a lot of hunting; these things are hard to find!) I bought myself a Wii.

Let me stop you quickly– I am not a video game person. Aside from the occasional arcade Galaga fun I have never spent a lot of time playing video games. We had a Nintendo in my house for about 5 minutes when I was growing up. Then one of my brother tripped over something and the damn thing didn’t work anymore. We only had two games anyway. So this was not something that I felt I had to have, but when the time came I decided to splurge.

So far I’ve only bought Wii Play (comes with an extra controller) and Guitar Hero. I love Guitar Hero. It’s totally absorbing, mindless fun, which I need after a crappy day. I really don’t know when I’ll have time to play, but it is nice to have the option. Then again I might just get frustrated and smash my guitar when I can’t master ‘Through the Fire and Flames’…

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  • NCCathi

    I just wanted to point something out – look at the date of this post, and today’s date. It has been a month! Shame on you! Get posting!