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Busy weekend

First off, continuing with my rash of car troubles, I got to my car after work last Thursday and found that it refused to start. Wouldn’t even think about trying to click, sputter etc. I gave up, got a resuce and went to dinner. Happily, unlike my last troubles, this one was simply solved with the discovery that the battery wasn’t properly connected following my brothers installation of a new stereo. Dude! Sweet! I’m a little paranoid about bad things happening in three’s though, so I’m concerned about the next car problem…

This weekend I moved out of the apartment I have lived in for two and a half years. Was nowhere near as sad as I expected to be (I tend to take things over-seriously), and though it was a hot day and took longer than I wanted to move all my worldly possessions into the truck, it went smoothly. I did catch myself in the fear that the truck would spontaneously combust with all my stuff in it (told you I was paranoid) but as far as I know, that has not happened yet.

So I’m off for three weeks of homelessness. Let’s call this an adventure. Sleeping on people’s couches, bumming their excellent cable service, etc. And next week- vacation!