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Party Down Party People

Oooh I get to go on vacation today!

I have spent years, ever since I started working at 15, avoiding vacation, thinking it was more important that I work. It’s a pity youth is wasted on the young. I have decided to abandon that viewpoint, though it is helped by my new job which does give paid vacation. Unfortunatly I have now used all of my first year’s vacation a month after starting my job but… I say I’m due.

So tonight I leave for New York city. Get to party with some friends from HS and my brothers. Then it’s off to Toronto where I get to party with my cousins, who are more fun than most of my friends. Then it’s northern Canada for four days of relaxing, after which I’ll be ready to chew my arm off (I’m not a great ‘relaxer’). Then more partying, this time with my aunt and uncle back in Toronto area. Then I get to fly home and move into my new apartment at 11 hours later.