Facebook Know I’m Fat

I stumbled across a pretty interesting article today about how Facebook mines your personal preferences and profile information. Then it uses that data to select the ads that appear on your pages so that they’re tailored to you. For example, if you’re single, as I am, you’re likely to see a bunch of singles ads. And I do.

What other ads am I blessed with?

  • “The SuperModel Diet” and “The Oprah Diet”
    I guess if you’re 29 and single it assumes you’re fat? Or does someone judge my picture? I’m actually not that offended, mostly curious.
  • “29 and Alone Again?”
    That’s just low.
  • “Tech Jobs on {blank}.com”
    No way am I doing their advertising for them.
  • “Unlimited Wii Downloads”
    I am officially a “fan” of the Wii…
  • “Love Graphic Design?”
    Why, yes. Yes, do. Good job.
  • “Take control of your Career with {blank} University!”
    Facebook knows I hate my job?

Apparently Gmail also does this, only it searches through the body of your email for keywords to target its ads. I really don’t know if I’m creeped out or impressed. I don’t think I have much control over it either way but I’ll definitely be paying more attention to the ads I get from now on. You know, just to see if I’m gaining weight or anything.