I’m cheating on you, baby

Since I was feelin’ like there wasn’t much going on [LIE] I thought I’d come up with something else to do: how about a year-long course on how to be a leader? What can I say, work doesn’t pay for training much [EVER] so I thought I should take advantage.

Now as part of my sharing and leading and learning and growing I have a new blog, for which the co-workers who kindly agreed to judge me during this process can keep up-to-date with my “progress”. I’ll be honest, I’m having a hard time keeping the sarcasm in check on there. Not because I don’t think this is worthwhile, just because apparently that’s how I communicate. And yes, I know it’s a problem.

This actually comes during a time of introspection and personal reflection. The “Year of Jen” has turned into the “Year of Improving Jen” which is fine as long as I get somewhere with it. The last class for the program was the Myers-Briggs test and that was very eye-opening for me. Apparently I’m an introvert. So many things make more sense when I understand that. I thought it was weird that I feel shy so often when I’m also quite outgoing. Aside from people I know, most others make me really uncomfortable [STILL SINGLE].

Speaking of being single, guess what I have this weekend? Family reunion! Once every 5 years I, conspicuously-alone, get to go visit my great big mostly-married, baby-breedin’ extended family. Don’t me wrong, I love them and I can’t wait to see them. But if my dear cousin points out that I’m the oldest one at the party alone (again) I will not be responsible for my actions. At least I’m not the lard-ass I was 5 years ago (see photo at right and then print and burn).

Anyway, to get back on topic, I’m supposed to post on my other blog at least once every other week. So… yeah. You may need to go there for your Jen fix for awhile. But I still love you.

Oh and the [BLOCK] thing. Just ignore it. [HABIT].

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  • Jellybean Mama

    I would like to point out that, while 5 years ago I brought someone to the party, this year I AM THE OLDEST ONE ALONE.

    So there. AND I have baby belly.

    So you just need to stand beside me the whole time to look like a thing, raging success.