The Brain Bone is connected to the Mouth Bone

I have lost the ability to communicate recently. It may have been going for sometime now but it’s reached epically bad proportions recently.

Have you ever been thinking one thing but your mouth says something else? Today, while walking to get coffee with the new web guy (who will hopefully make my work life much easier) we were talking about my new TV and the possibility of TiVo etc. I was thinking:

“I got DVR the second it came out, back when it was the dirty little secret of cable. I love my DVR!”.

… but what I said was (oh god. So mortifying)…

“I love you”.

Naturally I just kept talking. I briefly tried to clarify my love for the DVR rather than him but mostly I tried to gloss over my apparent attempt at sexual harassment 30 minutes after he showed up for his first day of work. Oh, the humiliation.

This is not the only example. At trivia I wrote down ‘Siskel and Egbert’ (rather than ‘Ebert”), and I thought Michael Jackson’s kids’ godfather was Marlon Brando (FYI, it’s Macaulay Caulkin and isn’t Brando everyone’s godfather?). I also recently referenced the movie “Harold and Kumar go to Washington”. I’m not sure what’s worse: messing up the title of a classic, iconic movie or the fact that now Mr. Smith apparently has to go to White Castle.

Keep your fingers crossed that this is a phase and it passes quickly– I say stupid enough stuff normally. None of you want me calling you for bail money after I say “Thank you for my ticket, Mr. Occifer!”. Now that I have a big, pretty TV I can’t bail myself out anymore! (my god, I sound blonde, don’t I?).