Giddy with Technology

Not all of you starved-for-entertainment readers know me that well, but I’m a little high-strung. I stay busy anyway and if you’ve been reading you know the last 10-11 months or so have been extra crazy. So the vacation was a blissful break and I honestly didn’t realize how stressed I’d been until I got back.
The last week or two post-vacation has also been somewhat dreamy. Sure, it’s been busy but it also feels like time has slowed down. I can’t believe, for example, that I have only been back for two weeks. It feels like a month!
So for the first week and a half or so I was able to stay mostly detached and not let stuff bother me so much. Slowly things have started to get to me again but I’m trying to remind myself not to over-react and that things don’t need to be a crisis. I’m trying to enjoy things away from work more and remember to smile, even when I don’t feel like it.

One thing that has really helped with this goal is that my roommate moves out this weekend. I do like my roommate as a person, but not as much as a roommate. The other piece of awesomeness about her moving out is that now I get to buy a new TV. I take the TV very seriously so I’ve decided to invest/splurge. I’ll be picking up a 37′ flat-screen LCD HD TV (Samsung, in case you’re curious) later this afternoon. I can’t wait to watch some HD Olympics and play some hi-res Wii and I’m thinking out hooking up a computer too. Sweet, sweet technology. I enclose a picture here as further proof that I am a geek.

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