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10 Things I Learned on Vacation

  1. Wisconsin is huge.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, one can go two whole weeks without a phone, email, web browsing, TV, etc. It’s true.
  3. Cheezees (aka: Cheesy Poofs, Cheetos, etc.) are the perfect vacation food (unless you’re 4 and get queasy while riding up a twisty mountain road…)
  4. I do not sleep well in the car.
  5. The water in Canada is cold, but it really does feel good when you get in. Honest!
  6. Chicago has traffic jams. At 2:30. AM. On Sunday morning.
  7. Apparently I can spend 17 days with my family and not want to kill them.
  8. Mosquito’s suck. A LOT.
  9. Strawberry muffins are fabulous (at least those from the bakery in Nestor Fall, Ontario- there’s only one– you can’t miss it really).
  10. Dog hair sticks to everything.

Had a great time. Also glad to be back, or at least glad to NOT be in a car.

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  • ******

    YAY you’re back!! We missed you! And you POSTED!! So exciting.

    Don’t forget to check out the new blog, Jellybean Mama. All the cool kids are doing it.

    Can’t wait to see you.