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Joy to the World

We sit at the precipice of my favorite time of year.
I can’t tell you for sure the day it starts, but one day it’s just here. We have in front of us a good six months of great sports, activities, weather and more and I love the anticipation of all that’s to come…

  • Sports: football, hockey, the best of the baseball (what little there is) and then basketball
  • Activities: fall parties, weddings, vacations, tailgating, band competitions (don’t you judge me!), holidays, Oktoberfest
  • Weather: cooler temperatures with lovely breezes, nice crisp winter air
  • More: Thanksgiving food, Christmas food, fall and winter movies, the leaves turning colors, time with family and friends

Of course in return it’s back to school; busy and stressful. But the joy alone of knowing that the heat of summer is almost over is dreamy (I live in North Carolina, ok? It’s hot here).

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