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More people have read your shirt than my blog

I’ve had several blog-related discussions in the past week. A couple of people informed me that they’re reading my blog or have asked for the URL so they can (Hey HyperWife! Safe trip home, Mr. Darcy!). I don’t know if blogs are back “in” or what, but I think that brings my readership to five!

I also had a discussion with a friend, let’s call him Viddy, about how lame and silly and self-absorbed blogs are. The truth is, I agree with him and I’m constantly trying not to be excessively lame (I’m trying now- read my older posts at your own peril) or self-absorbed (recent “year-of-me” posts not withstanding).

But if you’re here it’s probably because you know me and you’re (at least mildly) interested in keeping up with what I have to share. I apologize now and forever more for lame and self-absorbed posts (yeah, yeah- this is one) and I’ll try to be more interesting.

Recent News: works sucks, I’m trying to learn to say “no” to people (don’t see ’27 Dresses’ in the theater), I’m currently starving on Weight Watchers, thinking about taking up painting as a hobby and would like to kill some reindeer (long story, not really planning to hunt animals).

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  • NCCathi

    Oh come on, admit it, you wanted to see ’27 Dresses’ as much as I did. Although in talking to people we definitely should’ve gone with ‘Cloverfield’ instead.

    I read your blog because it gives a glimpse through a little window into the ‘everyday you’ that I wouldn’t otherwise get to see. It’s not just the high highs and low lows that make up a friendship – it’s the bits of minutia, too. Blogs are the minutia.