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It’s been awhile I know. I expect my excuse- a 2 week long vacation isn’t going to draw any sympathy, but I also suspect no one is reading this anyway!

I have, since my last post, vacationed and then moved into my new apartment. I can’t boast much more, including unpacking since work and friends have side-tracked me. Apparently if there isn’t anyone there to nag you about unpacking, you won’t do it (which makes sense and reminds me how many people I know who live alone and have never really unpacked…). I’m such a slacker.

Actually, I’m thinking about going back to school, which, with a full-time job would probably NOT qualify me as a slacker. Friends and co-wokers are encouraging me to take at least a year off after undergrad (I graduated in May), but I feel strangly drawn and unreasonably excited about the idea of going back! Of course, I could just want an excuse for another grad party…