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So I’ve decided what good is a blog without some purpose? What are you, dear reader, getting out of wasting your time on my particular blog? So I’ve decided to start occasionally evaluate products and services. And in my desire for a good visual cue, I’ve created a little design logo for these business reviews.
For the good ones:

For the not good ones:

So to begin, I’d like to give “mad props” to Pack Rats storage units. They will come and drop off a storage box which you can then take all the time you need to fill. They will come pick it up, place it in a storage facility (climate controlled if you so choose) and then bring the box back out when you need it. They were very nice, very helpful, always knew what was going on and were alsways willing to help when problems arose. They did the job without my having to be there to direct them and they were great about charges.
I was especially happy in comparrison to PODS, the competitor to Pack Rats and the company that you’ve probably heard of. They failed to respond to email, phone calls and online chat requests over the course of three days. As opposed to Pack Rats who, again, reserved my storage unit and set up the date and time of drop off during the very first phone call.

So thumbs up to Pack Rats, thumbs down to PODS, and I’m still kind of mad at AAA (see previous post) so I’ll give them a thumbs down too until I need them again.

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