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    Come to My Windows Vista

    If you have any interest in computers you know that Microsoft is planning on releasing it’s new version of Windows- Windows Vista (which, by the way, lame-ass marketing attempt with that name). The real story behind it however, is that it won’t be ready until January 2007 – at the earliest. This is a product more than 5 years in development and long awaited. I am a Windows girl and I am proud to say it. Despite the fact that I am a designer and use Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash, I prefer the intuitive design and functionality of a Windows machine to a Mac. And yea, I do use a…

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    Makin’ do

    I’ve been accepted to a graduate Masters program. I’m very excited about it and strangely can’t wait to get started though I must be nuts. I only finished my undergraduate degree a year ago and I do work full time… Thinking about this achievement I found myself pondering what things will be like when I’m done with the degree- you know- in 5 or 6 years. Will I have a boyfriend, or be married, or have kids? It’s impossible to say if I can achieve any of that, but I did find solace in the fact that I can control whether or not I finish my degree (at least to…

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    My friends Y0rii and Al host an internet radio show and I was fortunate to be their very first ever guest! I’m honored and deeply touched. Really very touched- they molested me. Check it out here!

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    Everybody Loves a Puppy

    Truly, you have to be a souless monster to not love a puppy. A friend showed me a new site: http://puppywar.com/ and it’s adorable. There is also a kittenwar.com site but, even as a cat person, I think the puppies are cuter. Now as it happens, my parents have a German Sheppard that has just had puppies. I have posted a picture of one of them to the puppywars site because they’re unbelievably cute. Here are a couple more— for your fluffy personal enjoyment.

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    Stop jaywalking!

    Stop running out into the street! All of you. Just stop it!! You may have the right of way but that will be small cosulation at your funeral. The car is bigger than you. It will win everytime. I know it’s a long way to that cross-walk, and we’re all in a hurry. But it’ll take a lot longer if you have to detour to the hospital. So remember what your Mama used to say: look both ways before you cross the street.

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    Ugly Thoughts

    This is not a particularity nice topic, but it is a valid one. I am taking an English class at my chosen higher education institution. I’m very fond of my professor who both makes me think and makes me laugh (apparently that’s all I need in a guy- how hard can that be to find??). Today’s topic was that of rape and journalism. You may or may not have noticed but anytime a lady – we’ll assume she’s a lady – alleges rape, and an article on the topic is published in the local paper, magazine, or well-respected blog, her name is omitted while the name of her accused aggressor…

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    Show her to the shrink

    So I am thinking that anyone who reads this will think me incredibly crazy. I am not, I don’t think- let’s call me open-minded. I’m sure I might one day read this and wonder that I sound like such a spaz. But what else is blog for but writing down thoughts at in-opportune times for you to laugh at later? When you fall in love, I think it’s just an illusion. I know this isn’t breaking news but stick with me, I’m on a roll. It’s an illusion, a reaction, a farce. Fake. You see things- many things- differently. Things that were important become fleeting and things that were small…

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    Medicate America

    I really hate to be on medication- any medication. I take birth control pills because I am a woman and that’s what women do, but I have worked very hard to get a low-estrogen dose pill. I don’t need to be any crazier than I already am.I’ll never understand why people are so keen to be on a pill. I’m not talking about cholesterol or heart pills, but the more optional ones: erection pills, sleep pills, indigestion pills, “twitchy legs syndrome” pills; look around sometime, there’s a pill for everything now and they are advertised everywhere too. Do we really feel so bad in the everyday world that we feel…

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    Giving Thanks

    So much to be thankful for and the perfect time to do it… Rain drops on roses, cute kittens (don’t care much for the wiskers) and playful dogs; thunderstorms, sunshine, cold crisp fall days and nights; leaves turning colors; warm sweaters, comfy shoes, pretty dresses; beautiful art and architecture; great ideas, new ideas, funny ideas; laughter; trees, flowers, clouds on a hot day; lakes & oceans; driving down the highway with your music blasting; great food, great drink, great company of family and friends; a good game (won or lost), a supportive team; health. It could be that the secret to happiness is just appriciating everything while you have it.…

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    Give a little bit

    So I’ve decided what good is a blog without some purpose? What are you, dear reader, getting out of wasting your time on my particular blog? So I’ve decided to start occasionally evaluate products and services. And in my desire for a good visual cue, I’ve created a little design logo for these business reviews.For the good ones: For the not good ones: So to begin, I’d like to give “mad props” to Pack Rats storage units. They will come and drop off a storage box which you can then take all the time you need to fill. They will come pick it up, place it in a storage facility…