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I have been mocked pretty mercilessly for the whole “year of Jen” thing (can you believe my co-workers actually read this thing? Joke’s on you!) but I’m stickin’ to it. I realized today after a completely meaningless interaction with a waitress that I have gotten better and stating my point-of-view, even when I don’t want the confrontation. I’d like to think I’ve also gotten better at knowing when to say nothing, but that may just be an excuse for all the times I say nothing.

My latest year-of-jen extravagance is that I’ve bought myself a new bedroom set (check out the picture)! My brother put up crown molding, I painted accent walls and trim (not done with the trim) and bought new sheets and a duvet cover. I still have to buy new blinds and finish a few other things but I’m so excited! I haven’t had new bedroom furniture since we had a house fire in high school twelve years ago. Every bedroom I’ve had since I’ve lived on my own has been cobbled together furniture and mis-matched decorations, if any. It seems silly to put this much effort into a room that’s really only for me, but I’m gonna!

Anyway, the bedroom set comes tomorrow — I can’t wait! I’m hoping I like it as much as the picture… Gotta get back to painting and cleaning.

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