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Stinkin’ Thieves

My car got broken into last night. I was none too thrilled to come down to my car to go to work and gradually (I wasn’t that awake) discover things missing, broken glass and my 50 CD collection significantly absent.
Since it occurred right in front of my apartment, I really felt so violated and absolutely furious. My apartment complex management, apparently couldn’t have cared any less about my plight (and that of 10-12 others in my complex…). And I still want to get my hands on those little bastards who could’ve have just gone to work at Wendy’s and earned a dollar but had to rip me off instead. Probably they aren’t that little but, you know.
In the process of getting things put back together I’ve discovered that most of the people I know have either been robbed themselves of know 2 or 3 people who have been. It’s a remarkably (and depressingly) common occurrence. I can’t help but think all the money I poured into fixing my window and getting a new stereo could just as soon be gone tomorrow morning if they come back. And for many- myself included, insurance doesn’t cover this kind of thing (stupid, expensive, useless insurance).
Must stop brooding. Will go drive around and test out some of the new mix CD’s I’ve just burned and hope they’ll replace the classics that my thieves probably threw in a gutter. I’m really sure these guys do not like ‘Moulin Rouge’, Michael Buble or Moxy Fruvous. Maybe I’ll broaden their horizons.

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  • y0rii

    I still can’t believe this happened, but my buddy ‘Al’ said that when his car was broken into, the cops told him that this was really popular right now. Nice. I’m so sorry about the CDs and all that emotional value. I’ll do my best to help! 🙂