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    Thanks JK

    There are three days until the release of the final Harry Potter book- “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. I wanted to take a moment to applaud Ms. Rowling– She’s written six very entertaining and engaging books. She’s created another world, as true and legitimate as Narnia or Middle Earth and with as much or more detail. She’s engaged readers of every age, race, gender and background. And she’s been able to continue to entice us through it all. Think of how truly difficult it must be to write not just one or two good books, but six. None of the books have sucked or been boring. No character has…

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    Make an Offer

    Now here’s an opportunity to show what I know! I do now finally have a place under contract but it was a case of third times a charm. I made offers on two other places before I got this one. So I’ve been through the offer process a few times. A lot of what’s important may be in the negotiation, which is our next section. However, to begin you must make a first offer so:1.) make sure you want this house before you make an offer. When you make an offer you are signing half of a contract and if they sign the other half, it’s going to take some…

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    Home Search

    I’m starting to fall behind and I’m literally in the middle of a session at a conference on how to blog right now so… call me inspired. Searching for a home is typically everyone’s favorite part of this process. This is where you wander around and look for “your” home. You’ll learn a lot about what you can afford during this phase. All the photos of places you may have looked at up to this point will be very different in person.You may realize you need to spend a little more money to get what you want (people rarely decide they want less…) but as with my previous post, I…

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    Pre-Approval vs. Pre-Qualification

    Pre-Qualification: Answer some questions online or over the phone about what you make, what you spend, what your credit is like, what you think you can afford/want to spend. You answer as you decide. However you decide.The amount you are “pre-qualified” for depends on what you tell the lender. This will not get you a mortgage, just get you an idea, again, based on what you tell the lender, of what you’ll be able to afford. Pre-Qualification: Fill out lots of forms, give personal and financial details that allow the lender to SEE (vs. hear it from you, you big liar) what you make, what your debts are like, and…

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    The 10-step Program

    Ha. I know what you’re thinking… I’m missing two steps. Nope. This is the 10 Step Program to Home Ownership, which might drive me to drink and subsequently into the 12 steps but for now I’m just looking at the 10. I’ve decided to document these steps here, and probably some of the in-between steps that they don’t tell you about. I’ve already discovered a great deal of confusion and stress associated with the home ownership path, and the place hasn’t even flooded yet. Quickly, to clarify, I don’t have a home in mind as yet. I actually have been through the first few steps of the 10, but I’m…

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    I’d rather be single than settle

    An excerpt from a book by Jen Schefft ‘Better Single that Sorry’ explains perfectly how I feel about being single. Absolutely perfectly.Readers of this blog hear me complain, a lot, about being single, but this is where I come to do that complaining. I truly enjoy the lack of accountability, freedom and simplicity of being single. Almost all the time.

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    A Question of Faith

    I have come across several excellent articles over the past few weeks (some posted below, some not) about faith in America, the place of atheists in society and the true value and effect of religious justification and personal prayer. I’m preaching to myself here so it’s a little silly but for no other reason than to save these link, here are a few that I found especially intriguing: Losing Our Religion – Jerry Adler A Dissent: The Case Against Faith – Sam Harris Thank Goodness – Daniel Dennett

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    ‘Tis the Season…

    Do yourself a favor and turn on ‘The Daily Show‘ or ‘The Colbert Report‘ this week or next. These are two show that were designed, built and now run on the most plentiful energy source in entertainment: political satire. And coming up to a week before an election these show are running like the hysterical, overly-lubricated, inappropriate engines of comedy they are.

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    Weddings, weddings everywhere and not a man to date

    I am very happy for several of my friends and relatives as I have a rash of weddings coming up in the next three months (the use of the term “rash” being in no way negative). One older friend- in his late 50’s in fact, that is just delightful; he is marrying his high school sweetheart! One is a wedding between two of my closest friends, both of them in their 40’s and on second marriages. And the last is my cousin who is in her early twenties. Let’¬ís only say that I had better look good at that wedding and if my cousin Mary points out my being the…